Attractions in Jasper

With so many things to do in Jasper National Park, there’s sure to be something that suits your taste. From rugged mountains and towering peaks surrounded by crystal clear lakes; this place has it all! We’ve put together a list of our favourite activities and places for you here on site – take advantage while planning out your next adventure or vacation getaway destination with us today

Maligne Lake

No trip to Jasper National Park or the Canadian Rockies, for that matter, would be complete without a side trip to Maligne Lake. Separated from the Banff/Jasper Highway by the rugged Maligne Range, this 46km (29miles) road follows the glacial valley separating this range from the neighboring Queen Elizabeth Ranges. The main access is along Highway 16, approx. 5 km East of Jasper. As you pass the road to Jasper Park Lodge, tune your radio to AM 1490 (AM 1230 for French) for a Parks Canada broadcast on early adventurers in this area. Maligne Lake offers a myriad of activities to visitors. In addition to the scenic boat cruise, visitors may rent canoes and kayaks, fish for trout and hike.

Maligne Canyon

About 10km East of Jasper is Maligne Canyon. Don’t miss this opportunity to see on of Jasper’s geological marvel. When glacial melt left the Maligne valley stranded high above the Athabasca valley, the Maligne River needed to find a way to drain its runoff into the lower valley. To accomplish this task, it began to rapidly erode this narrow canyon to reduce the difference in altitude between the two valleys. In some cases, the canyon is only a few meters wide, but as much as 50 meters (160ft) deep. Parks Canada has developed a self-guided interpretive trail along the canyon with signs describing the geological history of the area. There are four bridges across the gorge, each with its own special view. A short hiking loop tours the upper reaches if the canyon, while a longer trail follows the gorge and exits at a fifth and sixth bridge lower down. The canyon can be enjoyed in summer and winter.

Pyramid Lake

A winding road starts near the Jasper Activity Center and leads to Patricia and Pyramid Lakes where fishing, picnicking, boating (no gas motors allowed), and hiking are extremely popular. Rental facilities include horseback riding, canoeing, windsurfing, fishing and sailing. Cross-Country skiing, snowshoeing and ice skating on Pyramid Lake in the winter make this an ideal location for year round family fun. A little history about the adjacent Lake called Patricia. This following paragraph was quoted from Parks Canada history section. "in 1943 a Scottish regiment of special mountain troops called the Lovat Scouts trains in the winter conditions in Jasper. That same year, Operation Habbakuk, a prototype barge of sawdust and ice, is built and tested in secrecy at Patricia Lake. Military command hopes to float such barges as mid-Atlantic airfields. Although shown to be resistant to enemy attack, such ships are never deployed. The test model is abandoned in 1944 and its infrastructure sinks to the bottom of Patricia Lake.

Miette Hot Springs

Miette Hotsprings has been delighting bathers for over a century just 25 minutes from Jasper East Cabins. It's convenient location, fantastic vistas, and energizing waters make it a great day trip tailor-made for cleansing and relaxation. The facility has two hot pools and two cold pools, all surrounded by lounge chairs so that guests can put their feet up between bathing sessions. Experienced bathers recommend a specific bathing technique: a pattern of long soaks in a hot pool followed by a quick dip into a cold pool. The invigorating experience has made it a favorite destination for visitors to the Jasper area since before the town of Jasper even existed.

Mountain Biking Trails

Hinton offers plenty of trails in and around town, and there are extensive trail systems in the nearby mountains. Most of these mountain bike trails are mid-range and, although they can be accessed from different points, can all be reached from the trailhead close to Robb Road.

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